Monday, 8 March 2010

Today's idea - The Mock Turtle

The Mock Turtle Tea

Today we're advocating The Mock Turtle, a gorgeous 1940s style tea room with the largest doughnuts I've ever seen and probably one of our favourite places in Brighton. It seems perhaps a cheap step to take Grandparents style blue and white speckled china plates, bunches of flowers, and vintage lights and put them in every visible location but it works - really, really well. We recommend rounding up friends, kids, or other human beings and going on a cream tea and scone adventure, all of which come in loose-leaf pots and are delightfully gluttonous - although I stick to fizzy drinks and doughnuts myself (doughnuts which are so big they come with small forks). Regardless it's low cost and there's a grand selection of cakes, a short transportation to the day dream-like and almost timeless qualities of a true tea-room, and the all important wonderful feeling of being quaint and vintage without the kitsch.

Find it on the map here and if you're not swayed by us, there's a host of gushing reviews on Qype.



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